Sunday, October 12, 2014

Everybody Loves Pictures (in no particular order)!

 Street Market
This is the market directly across from my garden.

 Route 66
The greatest coffee shop ever! First of all, the barista here is not only beautiful, but she makes better coffee than I've found in most places in Denver (I'd attempt to spell her name but I would mess it up). Two thumbs up! Also, can see why I love it ?

 My Bay Window
Thank you to everyone for helping me decorate my room. Special thanks to Sara, Nikki, Lauren &Hazel.

 Peanut Butter
This one is for Grandma. Your wisdom is a constant blessing to me. 

 The Library!
Yes, even though I can't read anything in here, as a literature major (and lover), even just knowing where the library is brings me joy. I know some of the folks from MSU Denver will understand. 

I'll give you three guesses, but you only need one!

 The Jesus Guitar
How it came to me? Through the wardrobe in the spare-room (literally)! I can therefore only assume it's from Aslan. Thank you Jesus!

You better believe they taste exactly the same in China. 

 The Fridge
Hey Ma, I finally have a fridge!

 Inside the Garden
This is a walking path inside of my Garden. Isn't it lovely?

 The Sky
The view of the sky, taken from the walking path. So Exotic!


 The Garden
This is the view of the back of my garden, from my laundry room. 


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