Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oh Yeah, I be missin' some thangs!

 It is currently 4:57 AM, on Thursday, October 30th (in China!). Back in the states, these sleepless nights ain't no thang! Here in China, right now, well, tonight is round two for this insomniac. And that's alright, because I am up for a reason (amen, amen, amen!). However, I am a creature of habit, and on nights like this one, I have a routine that usually makes the droopy eye-lids less interesting to my thought process. There are some thangs I do be missin:

 3:30 AM, bored with netflix, I throw a sweat-shirt over my PJ's and stumble quietly down the stair-case (so as not to wake up the sleepers), and out the front door (carefully, so as not to let the kitties out). I get in my car (oh, how Yvette purrs), and shift her happily down the 6th avenue frontage road.

The mountains frame the scene; the stars illuminate a deep, rich sky; the air is crisp, fresh with the moisture that peaks in the hours between night and morning.

         I miss the KS.
Shuffle across the deserted parking lot, pass the self check-out. The night crew knows my face, my pajamas, the way I walk. They no longer turn with curiosity toward the movement weaving in and out of their peripherals; my presence has become a natural part of their nightly routine.

         Nothing can stand in my way. B&J's? Chunky Monkey (truly sent from heaven). Talenti? Coconut, or Cherry Cordial (hello Joy, please meet my taste-buds. Taste-buds, this is Joy). HD Five? Green Tea (refreshing, like a bridge over troubled water! Oh wait...).

That's right everyone, I'm talking about ice cream.  

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