Tuesday, December 30, 2014

If I should die !?

Whether or not I wanted to walk in a forward direction, the subway was so packed, if I didn't walk with the crowd, I would have been run over. Trampled by a wild herd of Rhinoceros' (Fuck, what is the plural for this word? I want to say, "rhinocerosi" haha! *ahem*).

Hold my purse close and pray, "dear God, help me survive!" Holding onto Bee for dear life, praying that Karen not let go my arm. If one of us were to lose our grip... death. Certainly, death.

But after we have gone up three flights of escalators, we surface in Guangzhou-- and here, I want to say that we, "surface in open air," but the word "open" is totally unacceptable.

Air! Hallelujah, thank you Lord! I can breathe! But still can't move !

Guangzhou is a city of notable size, as far as cities go in the Guangdong province-- so the Chinese tell me, at least. Well, even having been told that Guangzhou was a big city, I was in no way prepared for the massive number of bodies bumping into mine. I thought the walking strip near my garden was big. Woo-hoo-hoo my friends! What a nasty shock. My gut said, "run, home to Dongguan!" and then my heart said, "Oh shit, Katy, Dongguan is your home now?!" and then my brain said, "hey, dude, focus before you get lost and then die."

Tomorrow's headline will read: Random Caucasian Carcass Found Outside McDonalds in GuangZhou, Only 400 RMB!

Okay, so I must focus, stick with my girls, and cringe, behind my smile of course, at the number of people that touch me simultaneously. Forget having personal space, I just want to choose my own direction to walk in. Maybe lemmings don't have a choice either. Poor lemmings, they get such a bad wrap!

The city was frightening. Vast.
A labyrinth.
Not the kind you see in a movie, with the obvious exit that is observed from birds-eye-view. No, this was a,

"you're fucked"

 labyrinth that would make anyone want their mommy. I am unashamed. Mommy! Save me!

But really, it was pretty epic ( and I mean that in every aspect of the word-- think, The Odyssey, then weep with me).

 More soon... I'm tired now.

Good night everyone ! Hope your Christmas was lovely also (but hopefully yours did not involve Lotus Eaters or Polyphemus).


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