Monday, February 23, 2015

Technicolored Fishies

Being back in America has proven itself interesting. I stepped back into a time-zone that was once real, then became dream like, and is now demanding I play catch up. I'm not talking about what time the clock says it is, I'm talking about a pace-- a lifestyle. Marriage, weddings, family obligations, holidays, patriotism, politics, grocery stores, pets, pet food, squirt bottles, tap water, road signs... and then there is being sick.

I'm grateful for the excuse to sit inside and look out at the world through a layer of glass. My favorite thing in America? Sunshine. But runner up is soap. I really missed American soap. Did you ever realize that was even a thing?

A friend of mine turned me on to the idea of painting fish. I've been obsessed with it for months and months. So I sit inside my little room, surrounded by furniture and carpet and paisley patterns and pastel green and polka-dots and sunshine and soap, and I paint fish.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sweep Up the Girl


Conundrums by Karen

"Is it Chinese nail polish that is more difficult to get off, or is it that Chinese nail polish remover sucks?"



Nebby and Nini always wore black. Nebby wore black suit pants. Carefully tailored and hemmed, the edge of his pants covered his ankles but did not reach the top of his shiny black shoes.

Nebby's suit jacket matched; the same black material as his pants. Thin white stitches ran in vertical lines down the material. Black buttons on black sleeves, and black laces on shiny black shoes.

Nini's shiny black shoes clicked on the floor rhythmically. The toe-boxes were square, revealing a demand for comfort.

Nini's suit was cut from the same black material as Nebby's. Nini's suit, however, had darts that allowed shape.

She was, after all a woman.
Her hair fell around her face loosely, dark and black.
Her paleness would be shocking... her paleness was shocking.

Nebby's hair kept close to his head on the sides. The length on top was not practical. Nebby's hair was not like Nini's shoes.

Nebby and Nini were two sides to one coin. Nini did the talking.

They functioned as a unit together, and effectively.

 Nebby and Nini's feet always hit the ground at the same second, if you were waiting, you would only hear one person coming.