Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thinkin' About Life!

I was at the local watering hole (and by that I mean the "river" all the locals dip in after a nice rain), today. The sun was still high, even though it was already well into the evening, and the onset of storm clouds left a light breeze and a calmness in the air. It was quiet tonight--very quiet. Sure, there were families with children, stomping and screaming and stuffing their faces with home made, white-bread, ham sandwiches, but I couldn't really hear them. I was busy staring up at a cloudy sky, and then down into the water that fell my direction and continued to burrow past me as it headed it's own way. I was lost.

For a while I just sat dipping my toes, feeling the water rush gently along the sides of my feet as the sun skipped between clouds and then waited. Everything was thick and slow, and I was strangely aware that every surface of my skin was being touched by some part of the day. The universe rose to meet me. A desire to be submerged with something outside of myself welled up inside of me. Slowly, I melted into the water and slid my feet along the unseen surface of the river, until I couldn't feel enough beneath me to stay above the surface. My limbs fell into the natural motion of treading water, but I turned to face the current, and began to swim.

The force of the river was equal to the strength in my limbs, and so I did not move in position, but instead stayed in the same spot and continued my stroke at my own pace, just as the river's current continued at its own. Even though we were moving opposite directions, the current and I were not in opposition to one another, but merely strengthened and more determined via that sweet resistance.

In life, it's easy to look at the resistance and groan at it; to consider obstacles as opposition. When faced with things that make us work harder, frustrate us, confuse us, we often turn to negative reactions. But that opposition is the very thing that lifts us up, and enables us to become stronger people. I encourage you to stop and consider what obstacles are in your life, how you approach them and whether your energy is spent in emotional reaction, or constructive output. I've found peace in my own form of strength, in my own pace. My inabilities are no longer obstacles, they are instead a constant work-out for the muscles of my spirit.

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